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Rainer Brand – Uhren

Rainer brand – Master of the art of watchmaking

Good work needs concentration, attention and time. Craftsmanship cannot be achieved without patience. You can see this in the timepieces from the Spessart
At the heart of the Mainviereck, master watchmaker Rainer Brand took a chance at establishing his own brand of watches at the beginning of the 1990s.
Hiking fans may well have passed through the Spessart already but it's well worth it to take a closer look at the high-quality watches created there that have found fans from Berlin to Tokyo.
Timepieces by Rainer Brand have their very own character and charm. Confident personalities appreciate the commitment to pure aesthetics, high precision and lasting value. Only a few hundred of  these mechanical artworks leave the studio each year. Each watch is manufactured with great care and attention, and goes through the hands of the master himself. Functionality and quality have the highest priority. The love for detail can be felt by the customer through joy at every glance, great wearing comfort and durability.

Rainer Brand – Uhren

Friedenstraße 9
63872 Heimbuchenthal
T.      06092 5372



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