Butterflies in the tummy

Biolandhof Klein

When Fritz Klein talks of butterflies, he doesn't mean the colourful winged ones. He's talking about the white sweet lupines that are part of the papilionaceae family
of plants (or butterfly plants), also known as legumes.
"Lupino", the caffeine-free lupine coffee, has already been around since 1995. In the meantime, a variety of lupine coffee varieties have appeared, such as a lupresso
or a mocha made from lupines as well as a delicious lupine chocolate. The lupine plant is also an excellent source of protein.
This organic farmer produces "Sachsenhäuser falafel" from the chickling peas of the lupine – known as the "German chickpea". These are available in natural, franconianstyle, Provence and Arabica varieties. The Klein family offers a wide range of selected regional organic products and specialities in their own shop on
the organic farm. These include various home-grown cereals as well as vegetables, potatoes, fruit and juices from the farm's own orchards.

Biolandhof Klein

Schmiedsgasse 1
97877 Wertheim-Sachsenhausen
T.      09342 6386
F.      09342 935847



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