... a flow of delights by the river!

Tourismusregion Churfranken

Framed by red sandstone and vineyards, the Main weaves its way between Aschaffenburg and Wertheim. This is where the gourmet region of Churfranken is
located, which invites visitors to slow down and enjoy the good things in life.
Discover the beauty of the landscape and culinary diversity of 25 fascinating towns and areas. And, whether you want to enjoy a wine or rather a beer, or prefer a rustic wine tavern, sophisticated cuisine or even Michelin star gastronomy – the choice is here.
At the same time, active enjoyment is on offer here:
hiking, for example on the popular Franconian red wine hiking trail, cycling, mountain biking or golfing.
There is hardly another German holiday destination where this many travel and enjoyment experiences are packed in so close together. For most, a first visit is not
enough. And many can quickly rhyme off a thousand reasons why this visit to the charming Churfranken region will certainly not be their last.

Tourismusregion Churfranken e.V.

Hauptstaße 57
63897 Miltenberg
T.      09371 6606976
F.      09371 6606979



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